Grocery Guide collects the grocery sales from around the country. Those sales are processed to add ratings, recipes, charts, nutritional information, tracking, sale price alerts, coupon notifications, and more.

Simply put... If you buy groceries, we can save you a lot of money. Kiss those long trips up and down the aisles goodbye.

Ratings - rated sales

Believe it or not, a sale does not mean savings. Either write down the prices for each product for the next 19 years (yep we use that much history), or look at our star ratings next to the sale price. The choice is your's.

Grocery Coupons - Grocery Coupons

We track all coupons relating to grocery products. Some people use coupons, others don't. Either way, we make it easy for you couponers.


Grocery Sale Recipes So what if Chicken is on sale if you don't know what to do with it. We help by showing you recipes for many of the sale items. It makes meal planning and shopping easy. Find a recipe that you like? Be sure to create a sales alert so we know to notify you when the main ingredients go on sale.

Price Charts

Prices are continually adjusting based on supply and demand. Using our vast archive of sale prices dating back 19 years, we are able show you relevant price points to help you know whether prices might be going up or down.

In the example left, we show you price points for Kleenex Facial Tissue at KMart in Phoenix, Arizona using the past two years of sales information.

Try It Out...

We could list everything that Grocery Guide does, but that takes to long. Just try it out.

The GroceryGuide.com Team